In today's world, finding time to get out and do the things we enjoy most is extremely challenging. Every moment counts, and having the information we need to make the most of the few hours we spend on the lake on the lake is very important. is dedicated to bringing you the most informative and interactive web site on the internet. The use of this web site; including articles, lake information, and fish tracking data base; is and will always be 100% free.

Really great fishing locations are often challenging to come by. It has always been a challenge for me personally; especially as I get older and cover more lakes and water than ever; to remember where that magic spot was and exactly what I used to get fish into the boat. I am unable remember the exact conditions; weather, the lake temp, if I was using a pumpkin or purple bait, a lipless or a fat crank, etc. Keeping log books of everything is time consuming and tedious, and the most inefficient way to keep data of any kind. There is no way to sort through hundreds of hours of fishing (and hopefully thousands of fish) one page at a time to help you make decisions on what to use and where to go. Our Catch Tracker section can take care of keeping accurate records of every fish you catch. Keep locations, type of bait used, current weather condition, and many other variables for future reference for years to come. You can choose to keep all information only accessible to you, share it with close friends, or make it public for everyone to see. Remember the use of our web site is completely free. All of the data for locations, fishing strategy, including bait used, depth, etc you enter will not be available to any other user unless you decide. The only data used by our site is how many fish were caught and what type.

You may find many uses for You may choose to utilize this site for lake information only, weather, barometric pressure, lake levels, water temperature, pro reports. Find fishing lakes in your area that you may not have know existed. We will continuously be updating our fishing information library with articles, pro's perspectives, the newest tackle and techniques.

If you would like to use many of the interactive aspects of this site then getting started is easy. Register a unique user name and password and start selecting your favorite lakes. Build your tackle box and start logging in your catches.

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