Lake Texoma is known as the “Striper Capital of the World.” The lake is one of the few reservoirs in the nation where striped bass reproduce naturally. But stripers aren’t the only catch, other popular species include largemouth and smallmouth bass, white bass, hybrid striped bass, white crappie, black crappie, channel catfish and blue catfish. 

Authorized by The Flood Control Act of 1938, the US Army Corps of Engineers completed construction of the Denison Dam in 1944, forming Lake Texoma. German prisoners of war assisted in the dam’s construction and at the time of its completion, the Denison Dam held the record as the largest earthen dam in the United States.  

Construction of the dam on the Red River was undertaken for the purposes of flood control, hydropower, and water supply. Yet, even before its construction, residents living near the Red River fished, hunted, and enjoyed the beauty of the area. The dam increased the opportunities for outdoor recreation and in 1988 Congress officially added recreation as a project purpose.  

Lying along the Oklahoma/Texas border, Texoma is within two hours’ drive of Dallas and three hours’ drive of Oklahoma City. Those coming to Lake Texoma to fish, along with family and friends who may tag along, will find a recreation wonderland that spans two states.  

Along the banks of the river, sit over 1000 campsites ranging from those designed for tent camping to modern RV campgrounds with full facilities. Not up for camping? Lodges, motels, and resorts await visitors year-round, although some properties do close down for the slower winter season. Want something a little out of the ordinary? Try The Depot, a guesthouse on the lake with a train theme, or yacht charters from David Jackson - the only vessels on the lake that can be used for overnight stays. 

 Evening entertainment abounds. Bars and nightclubs up and down the lake offer live music and good times, and are welcoming to locals and visitors alike. Texomanightlife maintains a listing of both entertainment venues and local bands, and the calendars at Texomaconnect keep everyone up to date on what’s happening across the region, including the lake’s many benefits, fundraisers, festivals and tournaments.  The Herald Democrat publishes all the news that’s fit to print (and perhaps a little more), as well as updates on local goings on and events.  

 But the main attraction is the natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. Enjoy the miles of hiking and equestrian trails and be rewarded with stunning views across the region. Sandy beaches and outdoor cafes beckon sun worshipers. Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club offers one of the top 20 best courses in American with a greens fee still under $50. The four-mile wildlife trail at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge includes interpretive signs to introduce visitors to the plants, trees, and animals along the route. And Hagerman is only one of the over fifty parks that surround the lake. 

Hunters will find opportunities to take deer, geese, ducks, turkeys, doves, and even wild hogs. An option year round, go on a varmint hunt with Kent Outdoors, and you may shoot coyote, skunks, and jackrabbits. Outfitters are ready to see that you have everything you need. 

You came here to fish? Lake Texoma is your dream come true. Over fifty guides offer day excursions and share their knowledge of where the big ones are biting. Marinas dot the lake’s many inlets and rent both boats and watercraft. Outfitters and tackle shops sell everything from bait to boots.  

And when the day is done, relax with fine food, friendly people, and fabulous sunset you’ll find on the shores of Lake Texoma.